About Us

Mangawhai food store was created, because we found it challenging, as a growing family to access great quality food at real prices.  Last year we had a trip of a lifetime -traveling around Europe with our children and experiencing the many cultures and delicious local foods. We came back to New Zealand inspired to create an online food shop with quality food products and to be able to be a platform for local growers to sell their produce.

We are a local, Mangawhai family with five children and a passion for real food. When expecting our first child, 15 years ago, we researched the best way to raise our family.  Cleansing out all chemical shampoos, soaps and cleaning products. Throwing out all convenience, packaged foods with artificial colours, flavours, numbers and more.  We turned to kinder cleaning products and quality fresh, whole and organic foods.  Four years later we found our land, built our house, planted fruit trees and vege garden, raising our children here in beautiful Mangawhai.  Having lived here now, for over 11 years, we know how hard it is to source good quality whole and organic food at real prices. Driving all over the countryside to find some products here and there just isn't the best way!  We have taken all that driving and stress away and created an easy ordering system with home delivery or pick up options available.

Mangawhai Food Store is your weekly shopping - go to,  for organics, bulk and whole foods, with as much locally produced products as we can source.  We want to know where food comes from and how it is produced. We will give you as much information on this so you can make an informed decision for you and your family.

Mangawhai Food Store is committed to using as little waste and plastic as we can, so you will find that our dried goods are brought in bulk and made available to you in smaller amounts in paper bags.

Our 'Grandads Garden' selection is where you will find fresh, home grown produce - just the way your Grandad would have grown it!  Here we will keep it local, honest and natural.  Eat within season and experience the taste of the old ways.

Mangawhai Food Store promotes reviews, keeping everyone informed and honest.  Many of these products, we have loved and used for over 15 years now.

Quality testing:  This quality food has not been tested on animals,  it has been tested on children!  We now have five healthy children/teenagers, some of which are starting to tower over their parents!