Chiquilin Pimenton Hot Paprika


Chiquilin Paprika, Hot - 75g

Originating from Spain, Chiquilin Pimenton Picante (hot paprika) is slightly sweet-smoky, but with a kick. This paprika can jazz up any of your favorite dishes.

Hot paprika is the Hungarian variety of paprika, and is generally accepted as superior to the rest. In Hungarian cuisine, paprika is used as a primary flavouring method, instead of simply adding colour to a dish.

It is most commonly found in classic dishes like Goulash, a stew made from red meat. onions, potatoes, and vegetables, and served over egg noodles, and the creamy Paprikash, a similar stew that uses lighter meats and sour cream. 

Ingredients: Peppers

Packaging : Tin

Origin: Spain