Mylk Made Rich Hazelnut 300ml

SKU: 10011

Wholesome hazelnuts ground with brazil nuts. Ultra smooth and creamy. 


Create fresh nut mylk at home with this concentrate mylk base. Our bases give you the freshness and purity of homemade plant-based mylk without the time, mess and waste of straining your own nuts. 


Our bases are made with sustainability in mind, each jar makes 7 litres of mylk! A fantastic eco-friendly alternative to mylk cartons; something our waste system will thank you for. 


300ml Jar - only $3.71 per litre

1L Jar - only $3.26 per litre

No nasty additives, just 100% pure ingredients 

Mix 1Tbsp with 350ml of water, and blend for 20 seconds

Shelf life - 9 months

Make hot or cold mylk

Fresh mylk lasts up to 5 days in the fridge

Nut and Seed Origin: Hazelnuts - New Zealand, Brazil Nuts - Peru

Ingredients: NZ Spray Free Hazelnuts, Organic Brazil Nuts, Organic Tapioca Starch, Natural Kelp Salt

Jar can be kept in the pantry when opened. Keep freshly made mylk in the fridge. 


Serving suggestion: Enjoy mylk on it’s own, in baking, smoothies, coffee, cereal, protein shakes and more.