Trade Aid Organic cocoa – 200g

SKU: 70.03.30

Let them eat cake – or the baked goodness of your choice – with Trade Aid’s rich, mellow cocoa.  Free from anti-caking agents and alkalized for lower acidity, deeper colour and increased solubility – Chocolicious! Milled from cocoa beans hand grown with care by our farming partners in the Dominican Republic and Peru.  Better for you, for farmers, and for the environment.

Store in a cool dry place.


Cocoa Powder*^ (Organic * Fair trade ^)


Allergen & dietary information:

Egg free, nut free and sesame free

CONACADO (Confederación Nacional de Cacao-cultores Dominicanos) is a democratically-run co-operative, which represents 10,000 small-scale cocoa producers in the Dominican Republic. Traditionally, members’ income was barely enough to feed their families, so CONACADO works to improve income and living conditions, improve product quality and strengthen community development.