Pasta Whole Wheat Linguine Granoro Organic 500g


Ingredients: organic whole grain semolina from organic durum wheat, water. 

Linguine is a similar type of pasta to spaghetti but has a slightly wider shape. It is commonly cooked with seafood or pesto and goes well with a creamy sauce. The pasta is cooked in just seven minutes in boiling water. Whole wheat pasta is made using a mixture of whole wheat flour and water. It is a good source of carbohydrate and provides a slow release of energy. It is great paired with other nutritious foods such as fish, vegetables, beans and sauces. Whole wheat pasta also provides a good source of dietary fibre. 


Granoro’s Organic Range offers a wide range of products suitable for everyone, adults and children alike. It is produced using raw materials grown in accordance with Italian methods of organic agriculture, using the method of production defined and regulated on a European level by the EC 834/07 regulation, implemented in Italy by Ministerial Decree 18354 dated 27/11/2001.

Certification from ICEA (the Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute) ensures that all of the raw materials used are grown in accordance with agricultural methods that do not use chemical products or pesticides and guarantees control of the entire supply chain, from cultivation in the fields through to control of the production processes at the Granoro pasta factory.

Country of Origin: Italy