Organic Chopped Tomatoes Italian Manfuso 400g

Size: single

The Manfuso organic cube chopped tomatoes are tasty and ready-to-use, obtained by chopping the best fresh round tomatoes cultivated in the South of Italy. They are then peeled, chopped in cubes and tinned with a natural and dense tomato juice, without adding any salt or preservatives.

Cube chopped tomatoes are very used by restaurants for the preparation of meat and fish dishes, but above all by pizzerias. If they are used on pizzas together with mozzarella and a good extra virgin olive oil, they release all the freshness and taste of the just harvested tomatoes. Or they can be used at home: organic cube chopped tomatoes are suitable for seasoning pasta dishes or “bruschetta” (typical Italian starter: grilled bread rubbed with garlic and topped with other ingredients).


Country of Origin: Italy