Organic Whole Tomatoes Italian Manfuso 400g

Size: single

The Manfuso preserves of organic peeled tomatoes are prepared with Italian fresh tomatoes coming from organic cultivations. They are only cultivated in the South of Italy: these long shaped and fleshy tomatoes are fresh peeled just some hours after their harvesting and then tinned together with a dense and tasty sauce obtained from their squeezing. They are among the most popular products used in the cuisine of the Italians.

The Manfuso preserves of organic peeled tomatoes satisfy the demand of the consumers who look for Italian typical tomatoes that are healthy and untainted: for this reason, Conserve Manfuso Srl uses only entire fresh peeled tomatoes without pesticides, leaving them natural without adding any salt or preservatives. Besides home use, nowadays a lot of consumers ask for organic peeled tomatoes also in restaurants and above all in pizzerias. Today an organic pizza prepared with organic peeled tomatoes is really fashionable. 


Country of Origin: Italy

Packaging: Tin